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hello! i'm karen.
nice to meet you

that's me on the right  


I am a recent graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University's BBA program with a concentration in marketing. 

Why marketing? From a very early age, I have always loved working with Adobe Creative Suite and expressing my creativity through my work. I knew that I wanted to start a career that combined both my love for design and my business knowledge - which brought me to the digital world of marketing. On this page, you'll find some of the material I have made over the years. Whether it be for agencies, client work, or personal projects I have took upon. Feel free to stay a while! 

Please reach out if you are interested in chatting and to learn more about me! 

Image by Hans Ott

some other 
things about me..

🎨  drawing

🗻  travelling

🐶 my pets!


Digital art featuring an animal picnic!


Jeju Island Green Tea Farms


My cute pets: Gucci & Jingle

My creative side definitely stemmed from my love for drawing and crafts.

I love digital art and recently got into using ProCreate for my drawings!

In Winter of 2022, I had the amazing opportunity to independently go on exchange to Seoul, South Korea! I went to Ewha Woman's University.

Sorry to all cat lovers! I think I prefer dogs more (no offense). I've had these two for as long as I can remember. I love them so much <3

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