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EasierChef is a startup meal-kit grocery delivery service based in the GTA. I started working at EasierChef back in January 2021 as a Brand Graphic Designer / Marketing Coordinator. As my position states, I handled a major portion of marketing efforts - since we were a budding startup. On top of developing different marketing strategies to help kickstart our business, I developed all of the visuals and designs as well. This included a rebranding initiative where I would develop a new logo, and branding scheme that would be implemented into the EasierChef social media and UX design.

Duration:  7 months

Role: Brand Graphic


Tools Used: Illustrator,

Photoshop, Unbounce,



After deliberating upon different logo ideas for a long time, my team and I decided upon the above logo as our best choice. It took a few months for me to finally develop a logo that best-fit our company - so it was very rewarding being able to finalize this. From then on, this would be the new logo that represents EasierChef. I felt very accomplished being able to successfully create our logo and it's basically like my child now.


On top of this, I was able to develop new branding guidelines which are shown below. I developed this so that we could further establish EasierChef's brand identity to ensure consistency and cohesiveness across all of our channels. It includes an explanation of our logo and the meaning behind it, our logo variations, colour scheme, how to use our logo on brand assets, etc. I am very proud of how everything turned out - this is probably one of the most exciting projects I got to work on during my time at EasierChef!

linkedin-01 copy.png

In addition to this, as one of our marketing strategies, we utilized various landing pages for our advertising campaigns. For example, our HomeChef Affiliate Program that I helped launch. Since I was very well versed in graphic design and UX design, I ended up developing a lot of these landing pages. Before coming to EasierChef, I had minimal experience working with UX design - however, I was able to further improve upon these skills during my work term by learning programs such as Unbounce. I would say that you can definitely see the improvements throughout the various landing pages I created. 


As I become more familiar Unbounce, I was able to create landing pages that were very consistent and cohesive with our brand guidelines. The designs shown below are one of my favourites that I created. I had full autonomy over these designs from start to finish - which is what made it even more special to me. These landing pages were for an influencer campaign that we were launching in conjunction with our EasierChef re-launch strategy. I made an effort to follow the minimalistic, simple, and clean feeling that a lot of our other brand assets exude. 

01- Isometric Website Mockup.png

Above all, one area where I honed in on my graphic design and marketing abilities was through our social media platforms - specifically Facebook and Instagram. I took charge of overseeing our social medias and rebranding them to match our new brand identity. This included updating our profile pictures, banners, and highlight icons to make everything consistent. On top of this, I would curate various Instagram posts through Illustrator or Canva to ensure we were staying active and maintaining engagement on Instagram. Below I have included some of the posts I created over the course of my term. Enjoy!

01_Phone Screen Mockup.png
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