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JamToken was a project completed for the Next Top Blockchain Startup Hackathon hosted by Bybit - in which we contested with over 500+ participants, winning 2nd place overall.


"The jam token project was born to bridge the gap between charities and blockchain technology. The internet age of charitable giving has only just started to explore other avenues besides just linear donations.” Non-profits face many challenges when it comes to financial management and raising funds - donations and ways to give are rarely at the forefront of technology-based projects. 

Duration: 2~3 weeks

Role: UI Designer

Tools Used: Illustrator,



I assisted the Jam Team (consisted of three UofT students) in the overall UI design and branding for their project JamToken. We first brainstormed some ideas and inspiration for our theme. I knew that I wanted to take a more cute and fun appeal to correlate to the name JamToken. I first started designing logo mockups for the concept. I decided that it was only fitting to make a jam jar represent our project. From there, I planned out various color schemes which would be used in the UI design I would produce later on. 


Overall, this was a very exciting and fun project that I really got to take the lead on in terms of the design aspect of JamToken. It was amazing hearing the news that my designs received 2nd place out of 500+ candidates for the hackathon. I am overjoyed and very fortunate that the team and judges appreciated the UI mockups as much as I did designing them. I will also add that my team was super cooperative and understanding throughout every step of the way - which is definitely what allowed us to work together cohesively and successfully complete this vision. 

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