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No Fixed Address

During my last year of university, I had the amazing opportunity to join the agency life and work at No Fixed Address (NFA). At NFA, I was the token graphic designer / content creator, in which I would be the go-to with anything creative related. This included things from social media graphics and posts, email designs to product packaging and UI design. NFA provided me many new experiences to apply my current graphic design skills in different mediums. And although there was a plethora of creative that I developed with NFA, I have decided to pick out the projects that I found most memorable. 

Duration: 3 months

Role: Jr. Content Creator

& Design Intern

Tools Used: Illustrator,

Photoshop, Figma,

Shopify Web Design 

One of the most exciting projects I got to champion was the redesigning of two of our client's e-commerce websites: Biion and Basic Maintenance. This started with a lot of research into which Shopify themes would work best per client. I had prepared a presentation detailing into which themes I recommended based on the client's branding scheme and needs. The presentation included explanation of the theme features, pricing, mobile version, etc., and from there it was up to the client to choose which theme they liked best. Obviously, choosing a website theme for a whole new redesign requires a lot of attention, so this process was quite lengthy with a lot of back and forth between my team and the client. However, once the theme was chosen - we were able to get the ball rolling quickly. 

From there, I created web and mobile mockups for both clients utilizing Figma and the Shopify theme that was chosen. I created a mockup for each page including the home page, PDP page, collection pages, store policy, etc. As I created the mockups, it required a lot of feedback from both the team and client. I had to ensure that I took into account of any iterations that was being suggested so that the web and mobile designs were optimized for customer accessibility. Although the entire process was lengthy, the end product turned out successfully - and my UI designs are now being used on both client's websites currently! Feel free to look at their websites here: Basic Maintenance & Biion.

Home Page Web v2.png
PDP Web v1.png
Home Page 1.png
PDP Web - Formulas.png

Email Campaign Designs

Another project I found most memorable was designing emailers for our client Alpha Foods. This was one of the larger projects I had also worked on as I was tasked to design emailers for multiple of Alpha Foods' campaigns. The campaigns were planned out in phases, and I was designing emailers that would be launched months later. Designing the emails and the content was a team process. I worked with the copywriter and the email marketing lead who would integrate the emails onto Klaviyo. It was exciting working on Alpha Foods as this was also marked the start of their launch into email marketing. It was a huge opportunity for me being able to spearhead their designs. 


Before designing each emailer, I conducted a lot of preliminary research to plan out how each emailer would look like. It was also helpful to look at inspiration per each campaign to see other company's email layouts. Afterwards, I went straight to designing the emails using Illustrator. Once the email drafts were created, it was then presented to Alpha Foods and my team to collect feedback and any insights on the email designs. It was exciting being able to work with such a fun and "poppy" brand, and being able to integrate their branding with my own design style. 

Welcome Flow 3.gif
Welcome Flow 5.png

Product Packaging

Last but not least, one of the largest projects I worked on - that scoped over the entirety of my internship, was a product packaging project I completed for Basic Maintenance. Basic Maintenance was a new startup, specializing in men's skin care. As a new company, they were starting to manufacture their products which required product packaging designs. This was one of the most challenging projects for me, as I had never had much experience doing product packaging beforehand. Product packaging varies from traditional graphic design in the sense that it is more meticulous and requires a lot of attention to sizing, dimensions, information, etc. rather than just the design itself.


I was tasked to design over 10 different product packages for products such as cleanser, lotion, lip balm, etc. It was crucial for me to be able to conduct research and learn more about designing product packaging before I actually got into it. I spent a lot of time looking into packaging dimensions and sizing to ensure that the designs I created would fit onto Basic Maintenance's product prototypes that they had purchased from the manufacturer. As well, I had to take into account of the branding and how I would be able to represent Basic Maintenance through their product packaging - which is a crucial brand identifier for any product. Below is how the products turned out in the end and they have now been manufactured fully!

Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 3.10.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 3.10.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 3.10.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-26 at 3.10.59 PM.png
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