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PEKOTOWN is a Shopify-based e-commerce website selling cute figurines and collectibles such as the Tiktok viral Sonny Angels and Smiskis. I had the opportunity to collaborate with the owner of PEKOTOWN to design their brand identity, website design, email marketing designs and social media content. It was exciting being able to work on PEKOTOWN as it was a project that aligned with two of my favorite things: collecting cute figurines and cute brand design! Being able to spearhead PEKOTOWN's overall creative marketing and showcase my ideas was a challenging experience. As I was essentially building this brand from the ground up. I've displayed my favorite work at PEKOTOWN for you to enjoy!

Duration: 5 months

Role: Brand Designer &

Content Creator

Tools Used: Illustrator,

Photoshop, Canva, 


PEKOTOWN Brand Identity

Designing and ideating how we wanted to establish the PEKOTOWN brand identity was no easy feat. Of course, we needed the Brand Identity to align with the business' product offering. I started thinking about what made the most sense for a company that sells toys. Since the target demographic was projected to be kids and young adults - I needed the branding to resonate with this audience. We decided that having the Branding be more cute, fun, and pink is what we envisioned. I got right into creating mood boards, mock brand guidelines, and other assets to help build this vision. Below is a baseline of what I came up with and what is now being integrated within all of PEKOTOWN's marketing!

Brand Kit

Mock Logos (Alternative Colors)

Screen Shot 2023-11-06 at 6.54.46 PM.png

PEKOTOWN Brand Mascots

Shopify Website Design

After establishing the Brand Guidelines, I integrated it into the Website Design. PEKOTOWN is powered by Shopify - and with my past experiences working within E-Commerce (specifically at Mosaic North America and Digital Main Street), building the Website Design was something I was comfortable with tackling. I first had to pick out a Shopify Theme that would mesh well with the Branding scheme. My vision for the Website Design was that it would be very minimal so that all the graphics/site content would stand out more. The site consisted of a variety of different pages. This included: Home Page, About Page, PDP Pages, New Arrivals and Brand Pages. You can find the finalized and live site here!

Social Media Content Creation

TikTok Platform

Honing in on the Social Media side of PEKOTOWN was a very exciting thing I got to champion. PEKOTOWN's core social media platforms are TikTok and Instagram - which is where most of their sales were driven from. I got to plan out our Social Media Marketing strategy for both channels and figure out how to truly establish PEKOTOWN's brand identity. For TikTok, it was important for me to showcase and promote any upcoming new figurine launches as well as finding new and creative ways to showcase the products. As well, I had to decide upon which TikToks did I think had the most potential to be promoted with a budget vs. organic posting. This was something challenging for me since I was the main person who was spearheading the Social Media content independently. I was able to create over 50+ TikToks and accumulate over 1M+ Views for the account. Since we wanted the TikTok channel to be very personable - as if you were watching any other TikTok creator and not a brand's TikTok, I would just film the videos from my phone directly and use CapCut to edit the videos. One of the most successful strategies that I learnt worked well for PEKOTOWN was using trending sounds and curating my content to whatever TikTok trend was occurring at that point in time - which is what drove the most sales. Check out PEKOTOWN's TikTok here!

Screen Shot 2023-11-06 at 7.28.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-11-06 at 7.28.28 PM.png

Instagram Platform

I loved being able to take complete ownership over PEKOTOWN's Instagram - it was fun being able to create graphics and find organic product images to post together on the application. I created Instagram Content Calendars to help plan out our feed and to ensure we made posts that aligned with our campaign launches. For example, when there would be new product launches or seasonal holiday promotions - I had to ensure that these were all being taken account of within the Content Calendar. It was very rewarding being able to see the Branding I created truly exemplified through all channels of the business. Whether it be through the website directly, or through the social media channels. I loved truly being apart of every aspect of PEKOTOWN's Marketing channels. You can find the PEKOTOWN Instagram here!

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