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Recspot Solutions

RecSpot Solutions is a startup I established along side a small group of students during the summer of 2020. The goal of RecSpot is to provide small recreational businesses with an affordable ERP booking system, and aggregates all of the businesses’ activities and listings into an online marketplace for customers to easily find, filter through, and book recreational activities near them. 

Duration: 8 months

Role: VP of Marketing


Tools Used: Illustrator,

Photoshop, XD, Figma


As Head of Design for RecSpot, I was in charge of creating an entirely new branding scheme. Since we are a budding startup, of course, we required brand assets such as logo design, sponsorship package, and UX design. At this time, UX design was something I was completely unfamiliar with. I challenged myself and my graphic design abilities to see where I could go into the realm of UX. I am happy to say that I was quite successful and made working UX designs of both the RecSpot website and business platform. With these assets combined, RecSpot was able to garner over 40+ recreational businesses who will be interested in using our platform in the future.

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