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The Advertising Project

The Advertising Project provides professional agency services to the local small business community while delivering value to students through on-campus programs. With a team of over 12 graphic designers, multimedia specialists, and account directors, TAP’s Agency services over 20 business in the KW region and beyond annually. It seeks to further local interests while affording aspiring marketing and advertising specialists with invaluable industry experience.

Duration: 2 years

Role: Lead Graphic


Tools Used: Illustrator,

Photoshop, Premiere Pro


On TAP, I had the opportunity to work as the Lead Graphic Designer in which I individually curated creative material for my clients. I've worked with many small startups/businesses within the KW region such as Hemlock Street Burger or Softly Scripted. As I have dealt with a range of different clients, I have been able to adapt my graphic design abilities to each client's needs succinctly. A majority of my work focused upon brand assets such as logo design, social media posts, etc.


However, on TAP I also had the opportunity to expand into different creative material such as creating the Delegate Package for the TAP x P&G Case Competition or an animated logo introduction for LSA. The logo introduction was a challenge in itself for me as I am not as familiar with Premiere Pro - however, I think for my skillset it is something I am proud of. 

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